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Terms and conditions


BlueOrange is one of the host agencies that provide airline ticketing and hotel reservation services to independent travel agents who should not traditionally work as travel and tourism agencies spread around the world, who operates a system of official working hours through employees and who provides their services to their customers. The purpose of the BlueOrange Agency is to provide its services and seek to spread it through the independent partners of I Care, where they become independent travel agents wherever they purchase one of the multiple BlueOrange Agency packages. The definition of an Independent Travel Agent: He is a travel agent who works with the BlueOrange agency to book airline tickets and hotel reservations as he enjoys its services through its website and not necessarily rent an office or a place where he practices his work and take the necessary government certificates for that, benefiting from marketing and directing work via social media and through the agency's website on the web. With this, he becomes the independent agent as an employee and marketer who works as a subagent for the host agency BlueOrange after completing the training course devoted to him in both the initial theoretical and practical aspects, whether this course is through direct communication with the course trainer or via the recorded video The stages of purchasing Blue Orange packages: Necessarily, the independent travel agent should be registered and an independent partner with I Care so that he can make the purchase of the selected and appropriate package according to his desire through the I Care website where the packages are divided as follows: 1 / Economy Package: The value is $ 500, and there is no possibility to add sub-agents 2 / The Premium Economy Package: The value is $1000, and 2 sub-agents can be added 3 / The Business Package: valued at $ 5,000, and 10 sub-agents can be added 4 / The First Class Package: Its value is $10,000, and an unlimited number of sub-agents can be added Necessarily, every buyer of any package can make sure of the professionalism and craftsmanship of the sub-agents that were established with his knowledge as all commercial and financial transactions and their ethical and professional obligations do not take place with the host agency BlueOrange but only the independent partner who purchased the package from I Care through its known system to him and thus he cannot resell it to establish independent sub-travel agents in any of the above packages. Terms and conditions: These terms and conditions apply, directly or indirectly, to all our services available on the internet or through mobile, e-mail, or telephone. When you enter and browse our website or any of our applications from any platform and/or through completing the booking, you acknowledge and agree that you read, understood, and agreed to the conditions and terms stated herein (including the privacy statement). BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL owns such pages, the content, and infrastructure of such pages, hotels and air tickets electronic booking service, tourist cars reservation service, and transportation services from and to airports, in addition to booking the full board flights provided through these pages and through the website. It also supports and operates it. It is submitted for your personal or commercial use, which is subject to the conditions and terms stated herein. Our Services Scope: Through the website, BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL and partners (distributors affiliated to it) provide a platform on the internet where hotels (including all the temporary housing hotels), airline companies, and tourist car companies by advertising their services provided by our website and for the website visitors to accomplish such reservations. By accomplishing the reservation through BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL, you will enter into a direct contractual relation (legally abiding) with BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL with whom you reserved, starting from the point you accomplish reservation, we shall work as an intermediary only between you and the hotel, airline company, or any company offering its services through our website so that we refer your reservation to the related hotel, and we shall send you a confirmation message via your email on behalf of the hotel and places of residence. During offering our services, the information that we disclose is based upon the information provided to us by the hotels, airline companies, and tourist car rental companies. Therefore, our website shall not constitute and shall not be considered as a recommendation or confirmation of such level of quality or service, or the classification of any service. But, our website is only considered as an intermediary and we convey such information the same as they are submitted to us. Prices and Securing the Best Prices: Prices on our website include the services designated for each service, and we always endeavor to offer competitive prices. Sometimes we offer through our website cheaper prices for the accommodation at a certain hotel, but such prices provided by the hotels hold special restrictions and conditions, for example, concerning booking cancellation and refunding the paid amount. Please check the booking details and the price details to be fully aware of such conditions before carrying out the booking. Prices shall be the same as those stated on the website provided that prices keep changing from time to time according to the decision of the hotel or the airline company during various seasons, or the price of any service; thus, the prices are changeable at any time, such changes shall not affect the reservations that have been already accepted, paid and confirmed through a confirmation message. Privacy BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL uses high ethical standards and respects your privacy, except for documents required by law from any concerned judicial power, and to disclose your name and email address and the details of your credit card with the purpose of completing the reservation at the concerned hotel you have selected. We shall not disclose your private information for a third party without your agreement. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information for our affiliate companies, including our employees and the employees of our affiliate companies and our reliable agents and representatives who obtain such information upon our approval, and who need to know or to get such information to deliver our services with the purpose of benefiting you. Booking Process After choosing the hotel, the airline company, and the other services provided by BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL and upon carrying out any booking, then it is considered that you have agreed on the stated prices. After carrying out the booking, you will immediately receive a confirmation message on your email address. In case of choosing payment later for your booking, then you will receive an initial booking message; such booking shall not be considered as final booking until the booking amount is paid in full and received. In case the booking amount is not paid until the date and time prescribed in the booking details, then the booking will be canceled automatically. Payment Methods Individuals and companies may fulfill the payment process through credit card, Visa/Master card, any other card acceptable by us to pay via the booking website BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL or any other card to be activated in the future, or through bank transfer, or through floating deposit on our office. Accordingly, in case of choosing the immediate payment in the selected currency that you specified during carrying out the booking through the website BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL , or in US dollar or in its equivalent in your country’s currency at the price stated on our website during booking. The various transactions may lead to various transfers to the bank statement of the cardholder on a monthly basis. No commissions shall be added to the booking amount determined during carrying out the booking, but you shall pay the amount specified in the prices list of the hotel and within the terms mentioned concerning each booking. Booking Cancellation Upon booking the hotel and/or air ticket and/or any other services offered by, then you accept and agree on the booking cancellation policy, non-arrival policy, and any additional terms and conditions imposed by the services delivered and determined in the privacy policy. The general policy of cancellation and non-arrival of each booking is specified in details on the pages relevant to each booking. Therefore, we recommend you to read such policy thoroughly prior to carrying out the booking, and to take into consideration that certain prices and special offers are neither revocable nor changeable; accordingly, such details and terms shall be checked carefully before booking. In case of your desire to alter or cancel the booking, please refer to the booking confirmation message to follow the instructions mentioned therein and contact the customer service. In case of canceling the booking after the transfer of the amount and before the end of the period stated in the booking terms, such as being revocable or refundable, then BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL shall return the whole amount paid by the customer either to the customer’s credit card, by which the customer has paid the amount if the policy of the customer’s credit card company or the bank accepts so or through bank transfer to the customer’s account. In case the booking amount is paid through bank transfer, the policy of each hotel or airline company differs from each other in terms of the refund method. Consequently, the bank transfer fees and any other fees, incurred due to canceling or altering the booking, which is clarified in details in regard to each booking or each of our services. Limitation of Liability Pursuant to the restrictions prescribed in these terms and conditions, any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with this website shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Sudanese Laws. BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL shall be only liable for the direct damage incurred and paid by the customer due to certain defect in our obligations in relation to our services. Our legal liability concerning what is incurred by the users reaches, as a maximum limit, the full amount of the total booking cost as set out in the booking confirmation message, whether such damage results from one incident or a series of consequent incidents. BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL, and its employees or directors, or those working with BLUEORANGE.TRAVELor its agents, partners or whoever serves with it shall be discharged of any liability resulting from the inappropriateness of information, programs, products and services included in the website of BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL for any purpose. The inclusion, offering or provision of any service by the website shall not be deemed a recommendation from BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL or from its partners for such offered services or products, and all such information programs and products are offered as they are with no guarantee of any kind. BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL and all its affiliates shall be legally discharged, by virtue of this agreement, of the liability for all the guarantees and conditions concerning any information, programs, products, services or any others, including the implied conditions related to merchants, fitness for particular purpose condition, nomination, and non-infringement. Moreover, the companies, hotels, and suppliers, delivering travel and accommodation services or any other services, provide independent contractors, not affiliated agencies or employees to BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL or to those affiliate to it. BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL and those affiliate to it shall be discharged of liability for any actions, and shall not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, or private damage resulting from or related to the use of this website, in any manner whatsoever, or related to any delay or failure resulting from such usage, or related to any information, programs, products or services obtained through the website whether it is based on a contract, damage, complete liability or otherwise. Indemnity: You agree to defend and indemnify BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL or affiliate companies and/or suppliers and/or officials and/or its employees and/or those working with them and/ or their agents from and against any lawsuits or demands or re-fund or amounts or losses or damages or penalties and any costs of whatever kind or reimbursements of any nature or kind or legal fees or accounting fees that may be caused by external parties as a result of the following: Your infringement of this convention or bonds mentioned herein or violation of any laws or special rights of any external party or the use of our website. Amendments: BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL reserves the right of changing terms, conditions or invoices through which this website is introduced and you agree on this and you accept and abide by such valid terms, conditions, and invoices. When you use BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL and the websites of our company and the websites of our affiliate companies, the website policies and its conditions may be changed or updated from time to time to fulfill the requirements and the standards. Therefore, customers are notified thereof and are encouraged to repeatedly visit such sections in order to be informed of any changes on the website. Amendments shall come to force from the date of their publication. Termination of the website or stopping of your account: BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL may stop using and ends its terms in case BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL has decided to completely or partially stop the website according to what it sees appropriate for any circumstances.·BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL may stop any commercial account in case the user commits any violation of the stipulated usage terms, thus, terminating all the rights granted to the user. Miscellaneous Unless otherwise provided, the software necessary for our services or those available on our website or those provided on our website in addition to the intellectual rights (including copyright and publication rights of the website contents and information about it and material available on it, are owned by BLUEORANGE.TRAVEL or its suppliers or its services providers. The original version of such terms and conditions may be translated into other languages. The translated copy is an additional service. It is only an office translation and you cannot extract any rights from the translated version concerning the contents, or the interpretation of the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. The English and the Arabic versions shall be applicable, prevalent, and decisive. The English version is available on our website by choosing the English Language.